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Greetings, salutations, and the such.


"…And I'm just looking for anything to spend time to fill the time until I'm done with Uni University. So tell me about yourselves. Where are you from? What's your name? How old are you? I guess I'm 19, by the way. Should be turning 20 pretty soon. What games you play? I love playing games every so often. What music you like to listen to? I don't mind recommendations.…"


Ro Christensen

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"…Hi, Appy. Welcome to Swell. I think by what you're saying, this might be a really good place for you because I've found a lot of interesting conversations. And swell makes it really easy to find topics that you're interested in by looking at the stations and checking out people's profiles. If you like what they're saying, what are you studying? And what would you like to connect with people over?…"


@Appy · 4mo ago · 2:21

"…But yeah, I like reading stories or making ones, just experiences in general. You only get to live once and you only get to live one life at a time. So it's fun and really interesting to hear some of the experiences people go through, especially how they interact with said experience, like how they are feeling, what their thoughts process was.…"



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