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"…I hope you're all doing well. Just wanted to give a quick update. Podcast has been going pretty well, just been very busy. But the update I'm actually wanting to give is I have an interview that I've already done it's, recorded it's in the bank. I just have to finish editing it.…"

Warren Davis interview coming. What is your favorite arcade game?


Taylor J

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"…Hey. Hey. Still loading. Good to hear your voice. Hope all is well. I know you said things have been going well, but I still hope that they are going well. Not that you're lying to me, but I just wish they continue. This is exciting. Qbert classic. Classic. When you ask the question about arcade games, it brings up so many fond memories.…"

phil spade

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"…So I'm really looking forward to hearing Warren Davis's side of the evolution of Qbert. So really looking forward to this. And when you ask about your go to games in an arcade, qbert was absolutely one of them and it just wasn't the game, it just wasn't the graphics, but it was also the sound effects.…"

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"…And now as an adult and someone who's into game history and video games in general, I really wish I would have been able to experience the arcade in all their glory. And I didn't. It just looked by me because my parents never took us there and there also really wasn't one close for them to take us to. I do remember some arcade cabinets I would play a lot though, personally centipede at one of my old jobs.…"


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Welcome to Swell!

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"…I hope you like my interview with him. It'll be out not this Sunday, but the following. So yeah, that's what I'm coming out. We we talked warren and I talked about a whole bunch. We talked about kind of what, like, the evolution of his design in Qbert. We talked about how he kind of got started at Gottlieb a little bit.…"



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