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Why do you watch Twitch ?

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"…It doesn't have to be trauma based, but people who are lifeback. It's soothing to have someone do all the work of the video game so that you're not dealing with stress and you can skip ahead, you can fast forward, you can rewind. And the person you're watching is a skilled gamer. They're not going to die a bunch of times like you would. They're going to pass the mission.…"

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Tremaine Hinds

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"…And I know that a lot of these streamers on Twitch, they've been playing games since they were younger, for like, years to really perfect their craft. So it doesn't really seem right for me to just jump into a game and try and learn it that quickly. But yeah. That's why I watch Twitch. I really enjoy it and I really enjoy the people that I watch, and I'd love to know who you watch on Twitch. And thank you so much for this one.…"

Ahmed Bisiriyu

@Drewski0126 · 1mo ago · 1:26

"…The thing about that, I understand if you have anxiety and everything, and it's easy to look at somebody else's plan, but it's a certain level of enjoyment of playing a video game that's interactive with your brain. I don't want to get too deep into it, but it's only one game. I think that's probably maybe one or two games that have gained anxiety and that's probably their space. And it's another game.…"


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