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When are remakes and remasters a bit too much?


"…And a huge collection, especially ones that have already released, which is totally good. But once again, we need a steady inflow of new games, new experiences. But that's what we're not getting. And that's the complaint, really. How many old games can a person really play? A person invests in new hardware, new stuff, they buy new things to enjoy better things, not go even further back and play the older games that don't even feel as viable anymore.…"

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Krishna Telang

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"…Hey there AYUSH kish on this side and thank you so much for posting this cause people should know about this and the reason I guess people all the companies remaster and then rebrand the games as new ones because they have to stay in this business because there are some games that they are timeless that anyone can play that game anytime and it appears to every generation. Like for example if you see the Call of Duty series, like a Modern Warfare series it was great.…"

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"…Hello. AYUSH first of all, welcome on this platform. I hope you are enjoying it and you give a lot of new content and you will learn many new things from this platform. And the second of all, for this well, I don't have any particular views of myself because I don't have interest in gaming or PSN or anything like lady to gaming. So I don't have interest in that. So I won't speak much.…"


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