Diya Sawhney

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What are the cons of gaming ?!

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"…So hi everyone. How are you? So it's thea and a really good evening to all of you. So in today's world we are going to talk about the cons of gaming. So earlier as we heard that we talked about the pros and cons of gaming then only the the pros of gaming and now it's time to talk about only the cons of gaming. So the cons of gaming let's start.…"

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Abhinandan Roy

@RoyAbhi · 3mo ago · 0:41

"…Yeah, your points are very correct. Like, there are many disadvantages of gaming, but yeah, I guess I think that the ones who are playing, they should restrict and they should have particular sort of time to play. Like, not like playing for the whole time or the whole day. Because if we play for the whole day or the whole time, they obviously figure it addicted. And I guess there should be somewhat also play.…"



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