Jody Shuffield

@JKShuffield·5mo ago·3:16

Promoting my podcast Chit & Chat: encouraging one another

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"…Well, you know, that costs money. A business costs money. Well, December last year and beginning of this year, I really started doing podcasting, bringing that idea, that concept to a podcast called Chitt and Chat. Encourage you on another podcast. I reach out to comedians, musicians, nonprofits, whoever I can to share their story on where they're at, how they get to where they got to, who encouraged them, who inspired them?…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 5mo ago · 0:38

"…And yeah, you put me in a good mood just now. So I appreciate that.…"


Chelsea Hanawalt

@allowthesun · 5mo ago · 1:32

"…Hi, Jody. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really like that question that you asked about who encouraged you and who are you encouraging? That's such a great question to think about. And I'm definitely going to Journal on that or give it some thought. It made me think of this thing that my friend would always just share with people. I think she even made like T shirts that said Smile at a stranger.…"

Jody Shuffield

@JKShuffield · 5mo ago · 0:43

"…Whatever difficulties you're facing, you just give it to God and take them one at a time and have an amazing week. Take care. Bye.…"


Varun Aich

@varunkaich · 4mo ago · 0:36

"…Yeah. Have a fun have a great day. Cheers. Bye.…"



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