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Star Wars, Clickbait, and ‘Controversy’

I know it's something that's common in online discussions for a lot of entertainment, IPS for sports teams and all sorts of things, really. But it's clear that Star Wars fans are sort of reliable marks for this sort of thing, an easy source of revenue for the clickbait industrial complex, if you will. These conversations often get very bitter, very heated, and that's strange because they're often built around total non issues like the one that I'm alluding to today

Why is so much of online Star Wars discussion revolving around by blatant Rage Click bait?

Taylor J
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That's not why I chose to dedicate hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my life into consuming the content across various mediums. I fell in love with Star Wars because it made me feel like I could do anything. It made my imagination run wild honestly. And I felt like when I was younger, it did give me that sort of community that I really loved. But the more and more this got sort of taken over by all these different publications
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Yeah. I think one of the unique opportunities that we have with Swell right now is that we can sort of use it as a blank slate for a new Star Wars community. A lot of other sites and forums are set in their ways. They have a certain time on