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Vik Chaudhary
@startupian · 4:55

Startupian: Square’s Innovation Stack

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The Square shape reader itself was beautiful to look at and call customers to appreciate that beauty and question why number eight Fast Settlement wonder why credit card processors took several days to pay you as Square paid the same day. And it could do that because number nine net settlement credit card processors had a complex fee scheme, so it took him days to figure out your fees. But Square knew right away

How Square built a public company in the cut-throat credit card processing business. Text version at

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:06

@startupian simplicity as foundation / Uber value?

Hey, Vik, first of all, I loved hearing your voice. Read your blog. I didn't realize it was verbatim until I went to your blog, and it's just such a great way to hear it. And if I don't want to read it or read it and then want to hear it, it, it's just a wonderful augmentation to your writing. So it's exciting to have it as a swell cast
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Vik Chaudhary
@startupian · 1:40

Simplicity is a necessary but not sufficient condition behind Square’s succ

There's a free sign up. The hardware is cheap, therefore, it's small. There are no contracts, the software is beautiful, the settlement is fast, so you get paid very quickly. The pricing is clear and transparent. There's an online sign up, and there may be a couple of items that don't fit into the rubric of simplicity, but yes, I do agree with you. By and large, they do stem from simplicity
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