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We need equality Are we equal from every aspect of the thoughts? Or still caged in society deeds

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Everything a woman can do in this world woman wearing short dresses doesn't invite trip. She is born as a goddess's, nurturing the life fell within and giving birth. How can a society compare a girl with a boy? Why she has to live everything she has? Why don't she live the way she want? Because she is a girl and nights are not safe for her. Then change the judgment and mentality. I often wonder who created gender

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And that's where we believe that she is just a soulmate, she's just a mother, she's just a sister or a friend. And there are so many different names for her because she is known as resourceful, generous, determined. She lives for her parents, then goes to her husband. But then in between those lines, she also needs to understand that she is living for herself. She has a name. She gives birth to another life with terrible pain
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So this should not be this taboo should be breaker and we all should follow equality whether it is woman, whether it is man, whether it is boy, or whether it is girl. So thank you so much for choosing a wonderful topic and writing on this. Thank you
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When she walks out of her home, that's when she gets her complete freedom. Without having scare or without having fear. When she walks, that's when a woman can be happy breaking all barriers walking out. And we need to have gender equality and treat each one equal. It's really great we came up with this topic. It made me think a lot. Thank you. Srija waiting for your new content
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And it turned out that for a lot of saints women reacted differently the drugs than men did. It happened to in medications and oversight that would have been cut if they had included women in the studies in the first place. So this is the difference I would like to tell and that's all. Thank you for hearing