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Srija Sadhukhan

 · 4mo ago · 2:09

What's your favourite fictional character from the book which you have read?

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"…And when I'm talking about my favorite fictional character, definitely he will be the hero and definitely opinions will differ from person to person. And it's not that when I'll think about that he's a hero and from different perspective he's not. But for me, Atticus French will always to be the best and my favorite fictional character.…"

#fictional #books #collegevoiceindia #bestseller #beststory #poetsofswell #tokillamockingbird #swellcast #srijasadhukhan


Disha Agarwal

@disha_aga05 · 4mo ago · 3:30

Hermione Jean Granger : An inspiration✨ #harrypotter #inspiration #leadership #fiction #books #swellcast #poetsofswell #students #DishTales

"…What would you do? My hero is her minor danger. She's one of the main characters in the Harry Potter series. She's brave, kind, courageous and very smart. She proves that not only boys can do the impossible. She's the only girl to stand up to a Death Eater and get all owes the Hogwarts tom for a student and she has saved Harry's life many many times.…"


Prabha Iyer

@PSPV · 4mo ago · 3:58

#voiceoverpoets #Swellcast #strength #bravery #intellectualplan #planning&execution #ideas #masterplanning #achiever #beststory #heroism #nancydrew

"…In each book that Carolyn Keane writes about the Nancy Drew, the main character is Nancy Drew, along with a few of them are there. And it is very interesting. You will love the way it is written. And the English is absolutely fine. It is understandable. It's not very tough or very highfive, very easy to understand. Youngsters children, elders, everybody would be able to read it, understand it. And not only that, you get into the character.…"


Saumya Joshi

@thehilarytales · 4mo ago · 0:46

"…Hello. Good evening. Namashkar myanam saumya jushihe. And if I talk about favourite fictional character book, it will always be Harry Potter. I've been reading books of JK Rowling since I was a kid and I really love reading Harry Potter. I love the way how Harry Potter was always stands with the right and always loves his friends. And the adventure in those novels is really fun. So my favorite fictional character is Harry Potter from the novel written by JK Rowling.…"



@Rohit_raj_0001 · 4mo ago · 1:51

"…What is favourite fictional character book from any book that you have read? Comic books. Comic books.…"


Jhilik Ghosh

@pennedemotions · 4mo ago · 2:51

Who's yours favourite? #swellcastindia #favouritefictionalcharacter #poetsofswell #friends #doraemon

"…Nobitha basically falls in problems all the times and gets bullied by his classmates, Sunyo and Jiang. And Dorman is someone who always stood and stands by Nobitha in every situation. Dorimon is a true friend against. Also, a funny thing about Dorimon is that being a robocat, he's scared of mouths. Like, seriously, in our day to day life, or I can say in our real life, mouse are rats and scared of cats.…"


Pratishtha Gupta

@pratishtha23 · 4mo ago · 3:04

#swellcast #frictionalcharacter #Harrypotter #favourite #views

"…He hated his pain he had to deal with. Harry accepts who he is and what he has to do. He is so realistic and relatable and despite of being a golden boy, he is human. It makes sense he would have well a few weakness too. And I love him for that. This is why I really like Harry as a character. Even as a frictional character he is very inspirational if you are able to see through him. Thank you.…"


@Anveshitha · 3mo ago · 3:39


"…As for the love of Anna to give her the trust to secure her future and to believe that she is the one in his life and to make her believe that she can do anything and for her love he can cross anything. So for me the fabric character is Christian. The way he changes himself for help. The way he crossed all his cars of his life and the way he forward about his past and made a beautiful family with an eye so beautiful.…"


Aysha Nihidha

@Nichuz_Ash · 3mo ago · 3:02

#Temperance #KathyReichs #FavoriteFictionalCharacter #Bones #Anthropology #Forensics #Mystery #CrimeNovels #SmartWomen #WomenInSTEM #StrongWomen #brav

"…She doesn't care about the dangers or anything, she's just so, you know, in the movement of helping others and you know, solving crime and also that so fascinating quality and like it's something I've never been able to achieve. I am scared of lot of things in the world and said scared to speak up, so act accordingly. But this woman in this book, she doesn't think much what she feels right she says or what she feels right.…"


Jagreeti sharma

@voicequeen · 3mo ago · 2:24

"…Hello, everyone. Good afternoon, my fabric trick superheroes. Sunday.…"


Huma Ansari

@HumaAnsariwrite · 3mo ago · 1:18

#fitional #poetsofswell #swellcast #favorite

"…His need for revenge stems from the rampant discrimination and abuse he faces because of his religion and occupation. Shalak's character is a truly tragic figure, an underdog and a victim because of systematic discrimination. Reading about this character and tragedy can inspire us all to do good and be fair in life. Thank you so much.…"


Vipin Kamble

@Vipin0124 · 3mo ago · 4:36

@Srijasadhukhan #poetofswell #swellcast #collegevoiceofindia #favouritefictionalcharacter #sherlockholmes #sirdoyle #detective #book #novel

"…We can learn so many good things from this particular fictional character. Every story, every book shows his new character something different, something hidden, something to learn from him. That's all from my side. Do give your views and do tell about your favorite fictional character. Thank you so much.…"


Yuva Parmar

@yuv025 · 3mo ago · 0:38

#favouritefictionalcharacter #disney #princeeric #littlemermaid

"…My favourite fictional character book Little Mommaid as she sacrificed the most important thing to her life and that is her voice for her love to us our voice is so important and Ariel had such a nice voice but she loved Prince Eric so much that she was ready to give up her voice in exchange of legs. She already was giving up her her tale but also gave up her voice to live a life on land with Prince Eric.…"


Shrawani Shravs

@whispersofverse · 3mo ago · 1:44

Harry Potter #fictional #books #fictionalbooks #stories #series #Harrypotter

"…If you draw into the ocean of fictional books, they will be the characters that touches your heart. Many of them will live in your heart. One of them is Harry Potter. Series harry Potter. In Harry Potter, I love the character protagonist. Harry the main hero of the series. I like the way he portrays. He portrayed his character and his nature, his friendship with his friends, et cetera. The way he fights brought tears in my eyes and touched the core of my heart.…"


Harshali Rathod

@harshali_r_ · 3mo ago · 2:35

#fictional #writersonswell #books #life

"…I know it's a little bit strange, but that's how it is. So firstly, if you don't know me, Starzen. So he's a jungle boy who is raised by great IPSE. This character is first discovered by Edgar Rice Varos in his book Tazan of IPS. After days, there are many sequels of books, movies and cartoons are made based on this book. At first I was introduced by this Tarzan as mopy. It is a cartoon which telecast on Disney Channel.…"


Chandni Baid

@moonie21 · 3mo ago · 5:00


"…Hello, friends. Good morning, Him.…"


Swati Bhargava

@swatinakshatra8 · 3mo ago · 1:05

किताब के काल्पनिक पात्र हमारे पसंदीदा काल्पनिक पात्र चाचा चौधरी है। जब हम छोटे थे तब हमें चाचा चौधरी किताब पढ़ना पसंद था। यह बच्चों की पसंद की किताब थी। वास्तव में यह कार्टून किताब है। कार्टूनिस्ट प्राण की यह किताब बहु


Sheeba ❤❤❤

@sheeba1234 · 3mo ago · 1:59

# favouritefictionalcharacter #Sherlokholmes #intelligence #inpiration #historycreator

"…The first reason that makes Shalok my favorite is his intelligence. He is a great observer and detective. I never saw any person who can beat him in observing crimes. I am speechless to explain his intelligence in this week. And also he is a skepticism and continually ask questions. He speaks less but when he speaks always informal way he's an analytical and critical thinker. When he solves the mystery always connects the dot to dot.…"


reader 75063

@reader75063 · 3mo ago · 3:46


"…She does it all and she makes the best of what life gives her and tries to live a great life and tries to give that great life, that great business acumen to her children, her grandchildren, whoever was showing interest and skill in that field. She tries to hone them into that system and she's just a great person. That's all I can say. You have to read the book, and I am reading the second part of it called To Be the Best. She is an inspiration.…"


Jaya Sharma

@jayasharma · 3mo ago · 1:52

"…My favorite fictional character. Praying samarpan or vishwas lala Gopina or coffee sambandi lalagupinath. My favorite fictional character.…"


Lakshmi Soni

@Lakshmi.soni_14 · 3mo ago · 2:41


"…Hey Si Chung I hope you are good and well. I listened you was well it was very good and amazing. So as you ask favourite favourite fictional character book? Favourite fictional character book is from the book of four. Standard name shu Chatrabati and favourite fictional character book was Raj Chatrabati Shivaji. And he was a Maratha warrior and a great Maratha fire and a founding ruler of a Maratha empire in western India. In India and even in other countries he is still considered the greatest Iyer of his time.…"


Muskan Bothra

@Heart_sayer · 3mo ago · 1:29

आम आदमी #fictional #आमआदमी #kahani #RkLaksman #book #stories #enjoy #reallife


Jyotsana Rupam

@SPane23 · 3mo ago · 2:30

Badi ghar ki beti # Aanandi

"…Thank you.…"

Shivani Jani

@ShivaniJani · 3mo ago · 3:34

#poetsofswell #favouritecharacter #fictional #stories #poets #novels #thriller

"…Now, due to this, what happened, like he went into depression and all those things. So he was seeking therapy and the name of his therapist is Ruth. And then she he idealizes Ruth. So following her footsteps, he also decides that I would become a psychotherapist. Now, the case comes where there is one lady, that is alicia Baronson. And the thing is, she has murdered her husband. That is being shown in the news.…"


Harsha Gehlani

@harsha06 · 3mo ago · 1:17


"…She is mean, but sweet enough to balance the meanness. She's always there for people like a therapist friend. She's sarcastic, daring and a strong woman who just needs lots of reassurance support and love which she hardly or rarely gets. He had pretends to be strong. Anyway, I relate with her in so many ways. Her character was one of my most favorite in the twisted series.…"


Jaya Sharma

@jayasharma · 3mo ago · 0:47




Noor ul Huda

@noorulhuda87 · 3mo ago · 1:13

#fictionalcharacter #tawaan

"…And the second one is jahan Yustha from the novel tawan that was written by tahir jani nol sahar. He was undercover underground dawn and from Pakistan and was battling unjustified laws and orders and try to break the chain of human tariffing in Pakistan, trafficking in Pakistan. So these two characters always lingered in my mind. And sometimes somehow I really wish that these two characters would be reality and things might be very different in Pakistan then.…"


Prachi Bhatt

@Prachi014 · 3mo ago · 0:35

#fiction #favourite #potter head #harry #snape

"…Good evening, everyone. My favorite fictional character is snape from Harry Potter. I like his character because still Fly Mix. We supposed him to be the villain but actually he was always protecting Harry. He truly loved liddy and also saved her child just because his eyes resemble hers. In this world where people show off Derry each and every act he decided to stay in backfoot and always helped the protagonist. So my favorite fictional character is Snap.…"


Shresth Arya

@Dreamer_Shresth · 3mo ago · 2:43

#Harry_potter #JK Rowling #fictional_novel

"…So yeah Harry Potter will be my favorite character from all and it won't be possible if the jk. rowling hasn't create this whole bizarre world although it's an imaginary world but most of the children of our age would love to be the part of the Harry Potter world say they are crazy about this novel and yes I have read all series of this Harry Potter and it was amazing experience. While reading it I have learned lot about it, imagined all those scenes, the fighting scenes and all.…"


Shivani Tandon

@shivani_poetry · 3mo ago · 1:02

"…A fictional character like Batman is rare and hard to find. He is a superhero with no real superpower. However, his brave nature and readiness to take on against the villains is a superpower in itself. So I like Batman as a favorite fictional character.…"


@rxxshaa · 3mo ago · 1:12

A straddle bridge between history and literacy. #poetsofswell #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #book #fiction #character #favourites #novels #trust #hernandiaz #it

"…Books are. If so, then each of its character represents the heartbeat and fictional character just leaves in everyone's mind rent free. Hi, I'm raksha with my fictional character of my priority. So my favorite book is a straddling line between both literacy and historical fiction named Trust. Written by hernandez, released on Main, this is an award winning chronicler of national's history and its pledge in and an anticipated novel about wealth.…"

Syedah Rabia

@Syedah · 3mo ago · 4:49

#favoritefictionalcharacter #umroayyar #magicalworld #booksreading #storytelling

Rubab Sandhu

@ummerubab11 · 3mo ago · 0:46

"…Aslam alikum. To Kill a mockingbird is a very nice and very well crafted story. And I was not expecting that. There must be someone just a favorite character atika Saga. But he is one of the best characters. Poverty beach page. This is the very good character and a good one and a nice selection. Thank you. Thank you so very much.…"

Rubab Sandhu

@ummerubab11 · 3mo ago · 0:55


"…I haven't read Harry Potter, but I have watched the movie and again and again. No doubt hermione is a good character. Nice selection, by the way. And Potter is also the best character ever. It's a good thing. And the one thing that I have learned from Harry Potter is that don't lose the friends and always support the right thing. Always support the right doll. What to say? I don't know. This is the only thing that I feel for the reporter.…"

Akansha Agrawal writer

@Akansha_Agrawal · 3mo ago · 1:27

"…The way writer portrayed this character or especially Sherlock Holmes, known for their investigations, the ups and downs in the stories and turns it brings in the story, really make the story engaging, beautiful enough and interesting enough to keep reading. The most favorite detective, Sherlock Holme gets there where no one can. In my way, Sherlock Holme is the best fictional character that have ever gone through. So I like this character. It's just that thank you so much for listening to me and thank you.…"


writer Aashika (Reshu) jain

@WAR · 3mo ago · 1:59

"…Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you so much.…"

sadia 01

@sadi · 3mo ago · 1:18

#favouritefictionalcharacter #shinchan

"…Hi me sadia jamal Pathary favorite fictional character key.…"

Kushagra verma

@Kushagraverma · 3mo ago · 3:14

#fictionalcharacter #jamesbond #007

"…I just want every man to be like him because he's in the Spy. He's very detective. I just like detective characters who used to detective. It's just thriller and desistance and I just love that. And moreover things, no matter how problematic situation is, you always get that problem to be solved anyhow, anyhow.…"

Preshti 123

@Preshti · 3mo ago · 1:57

#Pokemon #preshtifeels #swellcast

"…And I basically love how Ash cares. A friendship between Pikachu and him and between the people surrounded him and the friendship nature he has and a lot of friends he makes in his traveling journey. And that kindness he gives to those poor animals earth in his journey. Henry loves Pokemons, and whenever I watch Pokemon, there's some hidden kid inside me which comes out and I always think about Ash. That is his courage and determination.…"


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