Sparsha 99
@sparsha · 1:10

Bat 🦇 (animal)

Hello everyone. I'm very happy to be here again and welcome to myswell today. I am here to speak about a mammals which can fly. Can anyone guess what it is? I would like to it is a bad. These are the only mammals categories which have a sustained flight. That is they can fly. These are mainly found in a dark cave because they do not have a proper vision during the night times they can only see during the night times
Bangi SreeLekha
@lekhaa · 0:14
Hi, Sparsha, thanks for sharing this kind of information. Like everybody thinks that that is a bird, but nobody knows it's an animals, and it's a mammal flying mammal. To thank you for posting it here
sree divya
@Sree99 · 0:09
Pasha. Thank you for giving such a good twelve. You know, even ID knew that much about that. After listening to as well, I came to a lot of things. Thank you