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Ankita Choudhary
@sparkleankita · 2:58


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So socializing is basically to meet a person and spend time with them and socializing is very very important because if you do not meet people and you stay alone it can affect your mental health and make you feel more lonely so meeting people and spending time with them is very important because it makes your mental health improve and also physically you are fit when you socialize with people but what if a person doesn't like socializing?

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That's what socializing means to me. People don't socialize. People are more like standoffish until they get a feel for you. It used to be that you take somebody at face value. Now you don't. You're very cautious because you never know what a person's intention is. And maybe that is a lack of trust that you have in your fellow human being. Right. It's embedded in the fabric of our society
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