Grief "A Letter to Daddy"

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I will never forget my dad. You. Yeah, you. So thank you for being now an angel that can watch over us, an angel that can help protect us and keep us, because you did a fantastic job and I know you had to take your rest. Thank you, Lord, for such an awesome dad, you took your last breath in my presence. I'll never forget that holding you and releasing you to heaven. I love you, Dad

A letter to daddy is to commorate my dads passing 25 September 2022. I stood by his bedside as he transitioned. A letter one year later.

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Antionette Wiggins
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Dear dad, my brothers try to fit your shoes, but they can't because the love you gave was unconditionally. Didn't care how old I was. When I call you and tell you I wanted something to eat, you would fix my favorite meal. Chicken wings, crispy with season throughout. Cream potatoes, cabbage, cornbread. You left me in 91, but sometimes I still pick up the phone to call you when something happened and I was excited and wanted you to know you
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Beth Murray
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So I pray that you continue to share the love of your father and you're more than welcome to do it on this grief page and those that have transitioned and we will never forget him. I will never forget his face and some of the shy. There's a way he used to say things to me and he always going to say something to make me laugh. We'll never forget the memories and they will live on forever and ever and ever. So thank you so much for stopping by
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