Soumye Arora
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Why I love BTS

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And that's why I love them, because they give us hope for a better future through beautiful songs like Spring Day and Best Moment Is Yet To Come and many, many more. So that's why I recommend that you do listen to their songs

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Tanya Mahajan
@Tanya30 · 2:18
But I really admire them that after they are so much troubles and whatnot, they are able to fulfill their dreams and are one of the greatest boy band in the world, I think. And I just love the fact that their music has meanings and good meaning. If you try to deep dive into their music and understand the letters and what they are trying to convey, they can easily understand what is the mean meaning behind each and every song
Noor zoein
@Noor06 · 4:20

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It's normal to not have an ambition. Everybody don't have a goal, right? So when I heard the interviews, when I saw them on TV and I was like, okay, these guys give meaning to everything. And I'm glad I got to know them. I'm glad I came across them because they are nice people. They help everybody. The fandom is so nice now. It's like two or three years later and I'm still like a Yongistan with my bias record
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