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Erica and Bun Bun
@BunBunsBookPick · 4:46

This Woman’s Soul Journey Is More Than Fiction—Review of The Novice

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The reason why I love this short book is because it packed a punch emotionally and spiritually, because she goes through such adversity just to remain steadfast in her truth. Not fact or opinion, but in her truth. So she does something drastic. I don't want to say what that is, but she does something very drastic in order to get to and remain at the monastery. Even the dissolvement of her marriage and the way that had happened was very interesting

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Renee 🪬
@RensLens · 0:17
Thank you. I have not heard of this one, and I have read a few, more than a few, probably of the Buddhist inspired books over the years. So I will definitely put this on my wish list. And thanks for the overview
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