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Erica and Bun Bun
@BunBunsBookPick · 2:50

Only 5 Students Will Graduate From Texas High School ?🤔

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You have to know what's going on. So this means communicating with the teachers and the guidance counselors. I know when I was growing up, my dad stayed in contact with my school teachers and guidance counselors because there were a couple of subjects that I did struggle with, so there were no surprises if I were to get a good grade, bad grade, or other. But there are some parents and students who have question marks in Texas now because they're like, how did this happen?

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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:10
And a lot of these homes are single parent homes where you have multiple kids, one parent, she's trying to keep up with everybody's stuff. It's difficult. So I'm wondering what kind of support can be provided to parents in situations like that where you have multiple children in school in different grades, with different teachers learning different things. What kind of support can be provided to make sure that these parents are on top of each of their child's education and progress that's being made
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Erica and Bun Bun
@BunBunsBookPick · 2:35
They're just trying to get students off the cell phone, trying to pick apart fights or going back and forth with the parents or it's many different things that has happened that I've seen, and it's been less teaching and more managing. So, yeah, you definitely said some good things. I do hope that they still hold some kind of ceremony for those five and the other students
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