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Clay Lowe

 · 1yr ago · 3:50

If you’re into Radiohead, what’s your favourite song of theirs that isn’t Creep?

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"…It'd be the top ten songs that you would recommend. Someone trying to explore Radiohead beyond Creep, and that would be interesting to me. So let me know if you're into Radiohead, then just drop me a comment. Tell me what I should listen to, and I look forward to hearing it. What I listened to today. I listened to The Bins. So that was my first album outside of Pablo Honey that I listened to, and I'll go through the rest as well.…"


Clay Lowe

@soulcruzer · 1yr ago · 0:46

If I sound funny it’s because…

"…I'm going to go and crawl underneath a blanket for a little bit and just to warm myself up because there's a chill in my bones and I just want to curl up into a ball and just wanted to say that's why it's sound so funny.…"


Jessica McMillan

@JLMcMillan · 1yr ago · 1:03


"…The idea of a concept album is not as prominent anymore, so I would never recommend a song, but what they've done with that album is still completely mind blowing, and I don't think people even understood how to handle it. Then looking back in retrospect, it's amazing to see how revolutionary the album was. So I would definitely start there for people who are kind of still stuck in the Pablo Honey Ben's era, which they have clearly decided from and shall not return. Take care.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Clay Lowe

@soulcruzer · 1yr ago · 0:29

@JLMcMillan thanks

"…Thanks Jessica. Thanks for the recommend. I shall be listening to Kid A today and I like this idea of the concept album. I know they're not that popular these days, but I was really into concept album and I think they're pretty cool. So I shall delve into that and I read your medium post and that was pretty cool. I like that good stuff. Hope you're feeling better and thanks for the recommendation and the reply. Have a good one. Bye.…"


Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 1yr ago · 1:34

I love Radiohead, Creep not so much, lol! @soulcruzer

"…Hey, Clay, good evening to you over there. I saw this post yesterday, and I wanted to respond so bad, and then I got caught up in work, and then I was sleeping. Then it was today. Interestingly enough, creep is my least favorite song. It kind of annoys me, but I love Radiohead.…"


Geetanjali Kanate

@Grace_126 · 1yr ago · 0:36

Not really a Radiohead fan but did listen to some of their songs long back!

"…I'm not exactly a Radio head fan but I have listened to Radiohead quite a lot when I was listening to bands like Facebook. So I think one of my favorite songs other than Creep was Let Down and after that I heard a couple of other songs but I think among them this is my favorite really like some of the guitar parts and overall I really like that song.…"


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