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Clay Lowe

 · 11mo ago · 3:52
There's something cool and mysterious about walking through fog

"…Hello, swell cast. I am out here on a Sunday midmorning just going for my daily walk through the countryside. Okay. And today it is very foggy out, like visibility is maybe 50 yards or so. And it's a very calm day today as well. And I guess being Sunday, there's not very many people out yet as well. And so it's got this very sure, realistic feel to it as I walking through fog.…"


Zara Lisbon

 · 11mo ago · 2:58

"…I just really have primarily experienced city fog and not so much fog in nature, which sounds even more mystical and fascinating. Anyway, thanks for talking about something as simple as fog and making it so different and exciting, at least for me in Los Angeles, it's a special thing when it happens. I love it. It's very cozy. Have a great day. Bye.…"



Clay Lowe

 · 11mo ago · 0:56

"…It's cool walking in it because you can go at your own pace, you're taking your time, but it's a little bit more stressful to drive in, especially when it's so sick. And you can't really put your bright song because it just bounces back out. You got to put a normal beams on and it's a little bit more stressful driving and it's but yeah, the walking in it is super fantastic. Anyway, thanks for your reply.…"



Swell Team

 · now · 0:15

Jared Bogda

 · 11mo ago · 0:51

"…So I really appreciate that and think that it was a really probably relaxing Sunday for you, which sounds amazing. So made me a lot calmer on my Monday morning. And I like your use of the word swell. Hope you're having a swell day too.…"


Indy Rishi Singh

 · 10mo ago · 0:36

"…When I go and stay on farms, especially in foreign countries like India or whatever, when I'm staying on a farm, the fog that comes from the farms is so cool in the mornings. Like, it's beautiful. It's like, combined with the smell of, like, okay, it's morning in the farm area. Everything is coming alive. And also, it's time to get the day going and time to milk the cows, get some morning tea going.…"


Nimisha Malhotra

 · 9mo ago · 0:06

"…I wish I walk someday? Through the fork just like you.…"