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Clay Lowe

 · 8mo ago · 5:00
A pause...

"…I took that picture to show you the Parliament of Rooks that have moved in to my back garden area. And it's quite fascinating to watch them from my bedroom window with the binoculars and do their thing. I don't know if you've lived near Apollo mental Rooks before, but they are some noisy beasts. They make a lot of noise from early in the morning until they're quiet. Now. I thought they were going to be making some noise.…"

And i ran out of time 😳😆🤪


Tim Ereneta

 · 8mo ago · 2:01

"…I'm there as a chaperone. I'm supposed to make sure the kids do not get any concussions, which doesn't often happen in this non contact sport. But they need some responsible adults. They're not supervised and hope your travel planning sounds like fun. Those trips sound fantastic, and hopefully this summer might get to do some traveling up to the Pacific Northwest, to Olympic National Park, keeping my fingers.…"

Spring is green! and… Ultimate!