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Clay Lowe

 · 1yr ago · 3:35
Telling Stories

"…Listen to it. The other neat thing they do as well on this is at the end of the episode, the creator that they have on or the audio artists that they have on. They get that person to provide a prompt, an audio story prompt. So a prompt for you to go and try out to tell a story around that particular topic, which again, it's a fantastic way to increase your skill as an audio storyteller and just to experiment and play with the audio storytelling genre.…"

Sharing a fantastic find if you love audio storytelling. Link: http://tellingstoriespod.com


Deborah Pardes

 · 1yr ago · 0:39

"…Hey, Clay, I remember when I saw your description in your swell cast. And you talked about digital Fires. I think it was like Campfires, digital campfires. And I thought that's so cool. And it makes so much sense that you'd recommend such a great podcast. I'm such a big fan of voices, stillness and deep listening. And you go into this world, and especially with the tone of voice really resonant. Oh, my God.…"



Clay Lowe

 · 1yr ago · 0:49

"…Hi, Deborah. I just want to say that I wanted to thank you one for being a huge advocate of swell and putting the content and stuff and stories that you put out there. I think it's fantastic. In fact, it was me binge listening to your feed over the over the over the weekend. They got me back inspired to want to, well spend some time making swell cast. So yes. So thank you for that. I just binge listen to a ton of your swell cast.…"

Tracy Bohren

 · 11mo ago · 1:02

"…And there's one about the Dustball camps and the music that was played at the Dust Bowl camps. And it's kind of parallels some things politically that are happening here currently. And there's another great one about Indigenous languages and the preservation of Indigenous languages here in America. Very cool episodes. And I'm going to check out the one you recommended. Thank you.…"

Podcast love!


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15

Clay Lowe

 · 11mo ago · 0:39

"…So anyway, great to meet you. Thanks for your comments here and thanks for the recommendation. Have a fantastic rest of the day.…"