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Clay Lowe

 · 7mo ago · 4:58
Like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole

"…You know what? I love the Internet. And sometimes I hate the Internet. No, mostly I love it. In fact, almost always I love it. Except for, like, today started off the work day and I'm self employed. So I don't have a boss around me telling me I need to do this and the other thing. But I started off this morning in focus mode.…"


Ro Christensen

 · 7mo ago · 1:40

"…And when I feel like I'm very prone to distraction one day or like, I'm totally going to go down an Internet rabbit hole, I don't know if you've heard of this concept of a timer called the Pomodoro timer, and it's basically like alarms go off at intervals and it's 25 minutes of work, and then you get five minutes of a break and you do that like three times. And the fourth break is like a long break.…"


Clay Lowe

 · 7mo ago · 2:34

"…What that is if you're okay to share because I'm a big fan of folks like William Burrows and Kathy Aker and experimental fiction in general hadn't come across the term autofiction unless it's like automatic writing. So I would be curious to know more about autofiction. And if you have examples of some autofiction, that would be fantastic because I really did the experimental fiction and Vanguard fiction, all of that. I love it. It's good.…"