Online retail business for beach ware

Hello. My name is Sophia. This is my first time doing as well, so slowly swelling. I am looking forward to different ideas and different experiences from everyone that's using this app. But more specifically, I'm on a learning journey, and I think sometimes when you read stuff, it can be quite overwhelming. So I'm hoping through this app I'll be able to tap into different ideas and different ways of doing things

Sourcing vendors and suppliers, what online tool to utilize, marketing

phil spade
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I know there's a few people on Swell that actually have started their own retail business. And I would say, for starters, when you're looking at a vendor to actually host the site, I know people that have tried many different websites, and everybody kind of all gravitated after trial and error over to Shopify. Shopify seems to have kind of the best service, the best customer service and the best tools to start off a retail site