Papiya Dasgupta
@solana777 · 0:45

What do you do when you don't know what you should?

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I want to ask like aren't there any times when you feel sad and are also the reason behind it? It's like you're just sad and you you don't even know what affects your mood. I ask, what do you do when you're on the stage? Do you go out and distract yourself? Do you font over the thought? Actually what is making


Krishna Telang
@Krishnaroxs · 1:07
If you're feeling sad now and you're having a bit of troubles, just take some time off, have some fun enjoying joy or peace and then try and think about the reason. Because maybe then you're able to find the reason and then you can solve it
Aakansha Girdhar
@Aakanshagirdhar · 0:54
And then after a few hours or few minutes, I changed those soothing songs with the peppy pop songs so that it just makes make me more lighter. And I'll feel happy after listening that