You. All right. Swallow, family. Now, listen, we're doing something new with SMV Life. We're a magazine and a podcast and a media platform for the hip hop community. And you know that we are the culture. But now, who is the king of rap? Is it Tupac? Is it biggie? Is it someone else? We need to know. Now, below, we want you guys to give us your opinions. Who you guys think is better?

Let us know who you think is the king of rap. #hiphop #rap #podcast

cj matthews
@oneoarboat · 0:41
You? This is a multilevel question. It could be eminem, who's the fastest rapper. It could be one of the new rappers that is, you know, more prolific and has more songs. But I think the outstanding and most important would be 1983 run from run DMC. Ah, he's the king of rock there's no one higher sucker MCs need to call him sire to burn his kingdom you need to start a fire there's your king the king of rock self proclaimed 1983
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 4:12
Del, the funky h*** sapien, he got really launched with this track, Clint Eastwood, but he was also in Hieroglyphics. Now. What about all of Wutang Clan? Are we going to dissect all of that too? There's just so many. But I guess if I have to just choose one rapper that I would listen to over and over and over again, I think I'm going to have to go with MF Doom in all of his monikers
nomi nos
@shamannomi · 1:45


That is such a white answer. But I can honestly say that because I'm a white guy and I understand how you could be down with all those college hip hop type rappers, but it doesn't really answer the question. I mean, Mm could never be the king of rap. I mean, he is amazing, don't get me wrong. Didn't he die?
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 1:15


Dude, seriously, chill out. I don't know why you had to call me out on that. I don't know. You could have just said my vote for king of all rap was Nos, but you had to come at me directly. Like, seriously, why? You don't even know me. You don't even reply to any of my other swells. Have you listened to my other swells, dude?
Jermaine vanryck
@SNVLIFE · 0:46


I did want to be between Biggie and Tupac, but I love the different replies that are on this and I love the fact that you just brought a Versatility. Like, you have no idea how much I love that, man. So we're definitely going to right now we're trying to do we're going to put stuff up on Instagram. We're just doing the website over and everything like that in the podcast
Jermaine vanryck
@SNVLIFE · 0:37


So definitely, I love what you said, and I like the fact that even you, another guy was talking about you guys brought up the different facets of it, and that's why actually, you know why I kind of like the fact? Because I I've never thought about it like that. I just thought about it overall. But you guys are making me realize that people actually listen to different things, and that's key. So definitely thanks for this one. Definitely thanks
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 1:05

@SNVLIFE @studio

You appreciate the response, you actually should take a look at what CJ, otherwise known as at studio, what he puts up. He is doing some great commentary on some rock music right now, and he and I are getting into some really awesome conversations about garage rock. And he just tagged me in what he just did with a band called jet. I can't wait to see what he has to put up
phil spade
@Phil · 2:25


But I know that's not what you're going after. So I am going to go old school on you and I'm going to go with Rakhim. And Rakhim, to me, was kind of the first rapper that really introduced speed and introduced those syllables into really influencing the future generations. And I think he really kind of influenced Eminem. You can kind of hear that style being taken over by Eminem
Mary Shokralla
@marysh0k · 4:43

#millenial #rap #hiphop #legends #debate

Hey, swellers. Hey, and thank you to this podcast. Who posted this? I think this is such an amazing topic, and I feel that I am the best person to answer this question because I am a millennial. And that is when all the legends were either starting to come about or, you know, had their first couple hits out, had already become famous or started to emerge, and it was just an epic era for hip hop
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 2:38

@Joshawah_Ross @studio

If you listen to my reply, I said that a good rapper, good hip hop artist who's going to be the king of rap I think needs to have versatility, not just a one trick pony. How do you feel how JC does with his music? His music compared to when he is working with somebody in the studio or Dr. Dre? I'm sorry, I think he said Dr. Dre. Somebody else I think said Dr. J. But like Dr. Dre. Jay Z
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Mike W
@Scribe7 · 5:00
And having the guts to be able to perform that live and on radio. And then coming up to like, the first really commercial rap song to hit the market was Sugar Hill Gang. And what a lot of people don't know is two months before that, another rap song was released. Did just as well and was just as legendary and came out two months before rappers delight. And it was Charlie Daniels. And the devil went down to Georgia
Mike W
@Scribe7 · 5:00
You can keep the RMB. We don't need that. Diddy he wore it out, you know what I mean? The best thing to come out of that whole thing was SWV and the Wu Tang Clan. When a Method man came in like, Kaboom, guess who stepped in the room? Tacau coming from this all in all, and that's another thing. Do we count the guys in the groups? What's the next question could be? What's the greatest hip hop group?
Steve Cominski
@bakedandawake · 0:19


Jordan, did I just hear you say that MF. Doom is also Dr. Octagon? I'm not jumping in to argue, but I thought Dr. Octagon ecologist was cool. Keith, correct me if I'm wrong I have many thoughts
Steve Cominski
@bakedandawake · 3:18
Pull up De la soul f****** excuse my French seminal group in hip hop should never be forgotten should never be underestimated should never be undervalued in any conversation today, right now crazy rappers everywhere crazy rappers everywhere if you listen to hip hop right now you already know okay? Lex Bratcher is over on f****** TikTok and putting out obscure reels. She was on that shack trap track the other day recently. Who's the other girl?
Jordan Tepper
@JordanTepper · 0:32


You. S***. Yeah, right. I was so wrong. Oh, man. What has happened? No, but he did go by King Ghidorah and Victor Vaughn. Metal fingers, doom. Metal Face. Yeah. S***. Forgive me, but I appreciate that. Yeah
Steve Cominski
@bakedandawake · 0:45
It okay. I'm sitting here for a minute waiting to pick up the kids from school, and I'm just going to come back one more time and again, just try to name a couple of people who I would say would have to be put forward in a conversation, who maybe other people might not mention or haven't mentioned. So far too short. It, ice Cube. KRS One busta rhymes. Dell. I think somebody mentioned Dell. The funky H*** sapien
Renee 🪬
@RensLens · 2:01
All right, I'm going to say something that's probably going to be controversial. I realized that, but I'm going to say it anyway. If it were my husband, he would say Tupac. Without a doubt. I'd say Tupac is a close second. Just the sheer amount of music he put out that was still coming out long after he was murdered. And he just was so immensely talented in so many ways. Just even outside singing, he had so much depth
Mike W
@Scribe7 · 4:54
Not that Kendrick Lamar is not there now, but there's some acts, there's some entertainers, there's producers and then there's the lyricists, there's the rappers. You understand what I'm saying? To the point where people got it so mixed up that a lyricist these days is as underrated as a DJ back in the day. I mean, Will Smith had to say, look, I'm the rapper. He's the DJ. Because everybody had it so far mixed up
Mike W
@Scribe7 · 2:11
But, I mean, not only does this take time to sit down and actually try to create, he's coming off the top of his head with this stuff. It's unbelievable, man. It's unbelievable to me. And I don't know how his brain works, but he's got to be some type of a song. I'm telling you, as simple as that. Have a good night, man. Enjoy the music
Farika B Redux
@FarikaB_Redux · 4:36
I must keep thinking on the current 2020 versions or the 2020s rappers. But some honorable mentions I like to make. Ll Cool J, he brought us he's very innovative and he was also a good lyricist but he also brought us some of the first of many of different things, including the first love song. Rap love song. It wasn't the most popular, I would say first rapped popular love song that ever existed. QTIP and Fife dog from a scribe called Quest. Amazing lyricist
Mike W
@Scribe7 · 1:26
He's got a step by step ingredients, you know what I mean? Thought he was Emerald Lagosi. But yeah, back to the lab. I'm going to Instagram and I see what's going on in the life over there. You all got this
LaMar Kennedy
@SimplyLammy · 4:51

King of Rap discussion. My personal take

Because he came from cash money, young money, the royal family, and because he was handed this from Wayne, the previous King of Rap, who nobody seemed to be able to play with. Nobody seemed to be able to shut him down. There was no disses towards Wayne that ruined his career. There was no accidental verses from Wayne. There was no something where he did something in the public and we completely shut him down for it. And that was the end of Wayne nos