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Sandipan Das
@sndpndas · 0:48

What do you dream of?

You're. Hey. Hi, guys. This is one of my first swells. So just a random question came across my mind. Do you dream? Well, I do dream. I dream of a sunset a sunset in the hills from the Portugal of my little Kevin a Kevin in the hills sitting with a glass of wine in my hand and buck or bit of and playing on the records with my beloved sitting beside me and the sun setting down on the hills. That's the dream I dream

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Preshti 123
@Preshti · 1:32
I dreamed of rains turning into chocolates and seeing the rainbows end so if I could find a treasure over there and soon later I realized it's just dreams I need to dream of which will never be filled. And a dream of me creating a pocket zoo when I was in ten standards. So it's crazy things I dreamed and yeah, your dreams are really good. Now I have big dreams to fulfill to make my family happy
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