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Apparently im an angry person

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"…Alright, so going into work again. This is now going to be day seven of work and the situation is now getting more heated at work. Like I was discussing already in four different Swells because that went from funny to know I'm genuinely having life problems where I'm trying to be goofy and stuff like that and try to be entertaining. I'm just complaining about my life. Anyways, my coworker last night, there was almost a heated argument between two of the workers.…"

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Varun Aich

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"…Yeah. I mean, like teachers bet they call them teachers. Bet they are like the most preferred people and yeah. What do we do? I think we can just stay on the ground all move on. I said.…"

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Colleen Goff

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"…He ended up getting fired. But, yeah, I understand your frustration. When I was leaving that job because I had found a better opportunity, they did try to counter offer, and they offered me actually more than the job I was taking offered, but I said no because it got to a point where I just could not handle the drama anymore. And one of the girls who really like to start making drama a couple of days before I left, like, she knew I was leaving.…"


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