Poetry of Life
@smoothVibes32 · 1:25

Know you’re worth !!!!!’

What's up, guys? How you doing tonight? I hope you're doing wonderful, as always. I am. Do you know your worth? Somebody said to me today you stop giving jobs or people power over who you know you are. If they lose out, that's their loss. If they don't see the greatness in you, that's on them. Know your worth. Know your worth. Knowledge of self combat hurt. Don't let their doubt get to you

I stand strong in my worth I believe in me . Do you believe in yourself #poetry #mentalhealth #godfirst

Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:27
Hey, this is the first time I've seen your name pop up here and I saw this morning. Thanks for posting and just putting such a sincere message out here so that we may find it at our own time so important, the worth and what we can do to remind ourselves daily of that worth
Poetry of Life
@smoothVibes32 · 2:04


It made me understand that there's so much more met in life. And I have dreams. I have dreams that God intended for me to reach. And that within chasing those dreams I'll be doing something positive and needs will be met. That's not the sole thing in life. It's not a need. It's more of a want to taste your needs is a thing in life