Poetry of Life
@smoothVibes32 · 4:26

Are you always able to be you ??????

And yes, I'm obligated to go to this job because DTE and consumer energy and everybody else wants their money, so I have to go here and make this money, but I'm not going to go in and have a smile on my face. And it'd be real. It's not me. I'm not giving a room to be me. Within that

Life has a way of surpress who you really are. Tell me how can i be me !!!’nnn

Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 4:10
So yes, I am able to be me, the same person at work, I'm at home, fair, honest, trustworthy, loving, caring, but I'm all those tangibles, all those things to me, first and foremost, I instilled those same qualities and attributes into my children. Do we always get it right? No, but who does? So yeah, this is a very good topic
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:32
And I'm able to clearly see how because I did not honor speak to look the demon of the unconscious in the eye and say, okay, I see you, I hear you. Okay, I see you. Fear of abandonment. Okay, I see you. Fear of loneliness. Let's sit down and have tea together. Let's talk this out. Instead, I wanted to operate in the ego and be like, oh, no, I don't feel that