Chain Restaurants that no longer exist in your area.

So definitely tell me places that were chains they're no longer available in your area. Shaky's was the one in my area and we had some amazing food. And I worked there for about four years off and on and really loved it. So let me know

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Taylor J
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People would still go there for the games and for drinks and stuff. But I know it was way down. Their numbers were abysmal compared to what they used to be. And I think that it was indicating to me that they're probably close to completely shutting down in terms chain chain, chain, chain, chain chain chain restaurants that no longer exist. There used to be a few of those really nostalgic. I mean, they're nostalgic now, but the old school pizza huts
Average Joe
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And I noticed my shirt disappeared from the website, and it turned out they hit me with a cease and desist. And last I had checked, they were only out west, and I think in like, Guam, Philippines, and stuff like that. And the logo was now completely different from what it used to be back then. I had a good run, though. I sold a lot of shirts over, like maybe a three or four year span, so I can't complain
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Georgie Dee
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The death of the pub

So yeah, I love that you've had a season. Mine was from multiple sources, which was a bit scary. Chain restaurants. I have different experiences to all of you guys in America because I've grown up in Australia and England and Asia, Asia, I'm not going to talk about right now too much to say. But in England and Australia, traditionally, we didn't have many chain restaurants. In fact, we still don't. I think it's pretty similar in the UK
They were basically enslaved labor. That guy ended up in prison for some other stuff. But different conversation, I guess at the same time, the place I worked at Shaky's ultimately got done in surprise. Surprise by Mr. Gaddies, who is also now done in our town. I will say, I don't know how many of you have tried Mr. Gaddy's pizza, but I will say that the pizza at Shakey's was far superior. The buffet was far superior
But back on topic, Shakies here in my town, done in by Mr. Gaddies and Mr. Gaddies was ultimately out of the whole loop because I think people were looking for just something new. And Mr. Gaddies came in with a $3 plus buffet and other operated buffet, lunch and dinnertime. So being people that are cheap willing to pay for garbage food, that really was almost like frozen pizza to me. And nowadays, frozen pizza is a lot better than it was back then
And it was a cool vibe laid back, dark inside, always like that. It was dark and it felt like you were doing something adultish because there you were inside of a pub. And here you are, 1314 years old and, wow, sitting in the bar, I have no idea. But back then, it was kind of a big deal. But I had been drinking alcohol since I was about eight years old
But when I got older, I was there all the time because I was working and I got tons of food from there. So I love the chicken. That was something else that I really enjoyed. And the pizza was really good, too. Now our location changed up the pizza recipe