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Creative Blocks Part 3: When everything feels emotionally overwhelming…

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"…So what can we do about this sense of feeling paralyzed and feeling emotionally overwhelmed? It's basically letting the feelings be there and not fighting them, because obviously they're telling you something. And they tell you that something in your life needs to change. But there are also things that you can do to still keep on doing what you're doing. The connection with your why being committed despite the fear, putting a routine together.…"

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Ro Christensen

@r.o · 2mo ago · 2:47

"…You just got to learn to live with them. And yeah, I think so. Feeling them is important, too, because otherwise at least I get stuck in a secondary block, which is like I'm blocked because I'm blocked. I'm so upset that I'm blocked that I'm just going to completely run this car into the lake because nothing's working. But, yeah, it's good to talk about it.…"


Swell Team

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Zara Lisbon

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"…I have no idea even how to begin writing a novel or like, I already had 50 or 100, and I already had 150 pages written, but I had left them alone for so much time. I had no idea how to pick back up and would write for little, like, moments at a time because it was just too hard. I can barely describe the feeling.…"


Ty Dobbs

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"…Hey, this is an interesting thread, interesting series. I'm not a writer, but I can't testify to emotional blocks playing a role as a creative artist.…"

"…Writing for me is sometimes just really just letting something flow that's not maybe even related to the project I'm working on, but rather to just put something to paper even if it's just a rant about a neighbor or something like that. To just get writing and to allow the words to flow, for instance. And I think that can be sometimes important as well. To allow ourselves to feel the feelings but taking action regardless, however small that might be.…"


"…If we're talking about insufficient work habits, maybe, although they very often also have an emotional reason, but it's maybe not that obvious or made the distinction to the mental blocks when we're maybe trapped in our own way of inflexibility and thinking. And although they are closely related, there may be not one and the same.…"


"…But at the core of it, it is exactly that, to allow the feelings to be feelings and have patience and do whatever helps to get back into it, even if it's just really small and if it's not happening on any given day, to have self compassion as well. I mean, my husband is a photographer as well, so I know sort of what you're describing in a roundabout way from him as well.…"



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