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What Are We Getting Out Of Staying Stuck?

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"…Very often it is down to the fact it's better the devil. It gives us a sense of safety and that is obviously down to previous experiences we've made maybe two trauma we've experienced. And it's your brains and your body's job to keep you safe and it will do everything in its power to stay that way and to keep you in that safety zone, so to speak. So I'd like to turn these questions on the head for you.…"

Provocative question, but did you ever think of it that way? #beliefs #fear #procrastination #feelinggoodenough #safety


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 4w ago · 2:58

"…Before I lay my head down to bed, I just listen to this and I I love your question. I love I love your expansive perception of this, your your invitation to be gentle with ourselves and knowing that maybe our stuckness is due for some reframing.…"


Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 4w ago · 3:57

"…Or are you the one to say oh, I better change now because it seems like it's not working? I'll just conclude by saying there is a reason why history repeats itself. Do you know why? Because people don't learn from it. And that's why many people, many societies are stuck in their course of evolution. Because people haven't really found the answer to who they are and what do they really want to do? Anyway, thanks for listening.…"


Ro Christensen

@r.o · 4w ago · 4:53

"…Wow, this is this is a great swell. And there's the responses as swell are amazing. This is such a rich conversation where to start even. It's it's it's interesting. And I love that, too. The shifting, the perspective of seeing the stuckness, the state of being stuck is something that you are getting something out of or that there's something that you should be getting out of it. If you're in it, you might as well, right?…"


"…Thanks, Deborah, Ion and Ro, for your wonderful insights and thoughts. And yeah, this sort of common theme that has been coming out here between the three of you as well, about moving forward but being ready to move instead of forcing it. I especially liked what you said, Deborah, about this idea of unconscious gestation and reframing what we so often call procrastination into that, essentially.…"

@DBPardes @BasTalk @r.o


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 4w ago · 3:48

"…The last time I had that period, which was last year, very shortly after my experience with domestic violence, I was just in this very negative space of rumination, and I finally hit a wall where I just had to have the conversation with myself and say, okay, we are becoming unstuck. It happened. You got to be real and honest with yourself. This man did show you red flags that you chose to ignore to fulfill societal expectations to be married. So now you did ignore them.…"

Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Zara Lisbon

@ZLisbon · 4w ago · 2:21

"…But in the areas that I'm stuck, that's a specific one that is hard to first even I do feel stuck, but I don't know exactly what I feel stuck in. I guess I feel stuck in this feeling of failing to enjoy life. Stuck not enjoying life. And maybe I'm afraid of something that comes from enjoying life. For example, maybe I'm afraid that if I enjoy life, I'll have more to lose when I die there that's a possibility.…"

Krystle Marshall

@kfmarshall2022 · 4w ago · 4:33

"…So sometimes us needing to be stuck in a certain spot in her life or situation is for revealing something about us that needs to be changed. Now there are people that don't want to change because they like being in their comfort zone. Them being stuck, not wanting to evolve or grow. They feel okay. They feel like, okay, as long as I'm not hurting nobody, as long as I'm not doing nothing to hurt myself, I'm okay.…"

"…Hi Jail. Thanks so much for your reply and for your honesty and sharing your own journey with vulnerability as well. First of all, I want to say it's so important what you say about therapists. So, yeah, absolutely interview them both for their specialism because, as you say, different therapists have different specialisms for some anxiety or depression or trauma or relationship counseling or whatever.…"


"…Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply. And also, yeah, sharing your thought process around this because obviously asking these questions, asking them ourselves is never easy. So I still have my own trouble sometimes with questions like that as well, despite working as a therapist. It's really interesting what you say about anger or strong emotions in general that come up in us when we ask these questions. I personally always see these strong emotions as a sort of compass.…"


"…But every time listening to that inner voice, despite my fears, so I certainly was quaking in my boots, so to speak, every time has enriched my life. And looking back, despite the discomfort that I've held, it was the right decision every time. And as I said, it has enriched my life in ways I wouldn't have imagined. So I feel as if I finally arrived now, but who knows, in ten or 20 years I might see it differently again.…"



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