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Creative Blocks Part 2: What is a Mental Block?

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"…You're full of negative self talk or criticism, if that's something you want to dive into a tiny bit deeper. I mean, Julia Cameron is not for everyone the artist's way. But if that's something that jives with you, have a look at it, because she wrote a lot about perfectionism not being a quest for the best, as she says it.…"

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"…As promised. Here's a link to the first episode about sort of the newer scientific and psychological backgrounds of flow and also one little afterthought in general, that's always helpful, but especially with mental blocks, basically don't keep on pushing. That's really one of the most important things you can say.…"

A few additional thoughts about internal & external motivation, and a link to episode 1:

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"…That's what I find works for me always, which is just to change it up to engage the body because it's some physical action, even if it's getting up from my desk or stretching or just doing something out of the ordinary that will stop the train of thought in its tracks. I love some of the things that you mentioned, like the artist's way or oblique strategies. Those to me, the oblique strategies have always been super exciting and something I turned to again and again.…"

"…And I think that's something I work a lot on with my clients as well as a therapist, because talking about it doesn't always work and it can sometimes, if you're spending more mental energy on trying to get rid of the block, it can sometimes make it worse. Not always. I mean, sometimes it obviously makes sense to look at our thought process around things, but sometimes it can also exacerbate things.…"



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