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Creative Blocks Part 1: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Flow

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"…And then I already mentioned that the intrinsic rewards so the auto tailgate experience no extrinsic rewards. So if you want to dive into that a tiny bit deeper, I would really recommend Mihay's work about flu. He's written quite a lot of books about that.…"

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"…This is just a little reply to myself, so you can actually look in the description for the proper spelling. Mihai Chick sent me high. And also it's auto telling and not auto tailgate, obviously, although that's quite funny. So I think transcripts are always a really great thing. See you soon. Bye.…"

The transcript cracks me up (this one, too 😂) It is "autotelic", "Csikszentmihalyi" and "Flow"

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…Now, this will happen if the client has a level of skill that I've brought them to, or maybe they already have it, but it's a level of skill where they can completely immerse themselves in what's going on, art the moment. I don't know if you've ever done boxing as a sport or boxing learnt to box, but it's a mixture of timing, balance, technique, using all your senses, appropriate section and with energy.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…So you said your self cult conscious part of the brain is quiet down slightly and I remember being in drama school as a kid, being self conscious at first because there's a lot of kids looking at you but then as you've got into the improvisation and then something clicks between you and the other actor and then you start flowing with the improvisation is the moment you let go of the self consciousness yeah, and then you go with it. You're always a little bit self conscious at first.…"

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"…And that's where we're getting yeah, as I said, in that sweet spot or into that space where the magic happens. As I said, it's not incredibly structured because I'm sort of out and about and I'm not sort of, like, behind my desk, so to speak, at the moment. And I didn't take any notes or write anything down, but I at least wanted to get back to you.…"



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