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The Power of Play (And Why It Is So Important)

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"…But to see that in action in my own child, how uninhibited kids are, and that they still have this really strong belief that they can do everything they set out to do and want to do. And of course, we as parents encourage that as well, and we wouldn't crush their spirits or hopefully most of us wouldn't do that anyway.…"

What would YOU do today? #creativity #play #mentalhealth #selfcare #findingjoy

Brian Marshall K.

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"…As I was listening to your narration of this amazing story, I can't remember who said it, but it reminded me of something I saw way back and it went something along the lines of birds sing not because they have a voice, they sing because they have a song, or vice versa. I can't remember exactly.…"

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"…Hi. Brian, this is Petra. Thanks so much for your reply and also sharing your own story so openly. Yeah, mine is probably similar in a way because my eyes I obviously now support people in maybe getting back to that child like wonder and playfulness a tiny bit when they have lost it. I work as a therapist and also as a coach, mostly for creative people and performers.…"

@XcellenceCoach Should we all make more time for play, and doing things imperfectly?


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