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My Thoughts About Visual Social Media Use - What Are Yours?

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"…We're really talking teenagers because they are the biggest user group. But if your target group is a slightly older demographic, you might still be better off on a different social media platform. I know that's very simplified and a lot of considerations go into that, but what I'm trying to say is that it made no sense to me to jump on a platform I don't even like just because it's big. And I'll go into a couple of other reasons in the comments section.…"

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"…But that's a subject for another swell. I guess that would lead to far right now. So just in brief, chasing the dopamine hit is what makes social media so addictive. I think we all know that and it's potentially neurologically damaging. And I often worry that our shortening attention spans are linked to, or at least exacerbated by the way we use social media and also the way we consume media in general. So I put a couple of studies for you in the photos there.…"

Part 2: About those dopaminergic pathways and constant floodlight attention


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