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Till now, I have only read the romantic type of books so far, and recently I'm finishing. My favorite one is still my first book, attended us by Colin Cooper. She's a great writer. I also love books by Anna Ma. So in today's podcast, I'm a writing labor who also loves to read books. However, my question for you is what is your favorite book, favorite author and what was your first book ever?
Shweta Chaudhri
@Shwetachaudhri · 1:06


Hello, simran. So romantic stories or love stories are something I like as well. And honestly, I read read most of them. So mostly I read on what pad. But if I have to name some books so the first book I remember reading, which was not for school, so if I have to say that, then it is Fault by John Green. And if for school, then I remember we had this novel, Gulivers Travels
vaibhav behl
@vaibhavbehl · 2:35
Okay. You know, they do say that don't judge a book by its cover, but that's what I did. I have, and I'm glad that I did that. Yuki my 9th standard with her, and the miracle was library. And he said, Procedures, that was the first novel I ever read that you can say was the beginning of a journey to the story and stuff. Thank you for inviting me, by the way. And I would like to ask you this
Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 1:38


So in my school library I have never read any book or seen any book that got me hooked with it. I just did not expect I will like it. I borrowed a book from a friend and I liked it. I want to try some other type of books so I want to ask you to suggest me some book mail reading is kind of new to me so it will be difficult for me to understand. But yeah, something different from romantic novels and books
Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 0:26


Hi. Shweta. So, first of all, thank you for replying as well. And even the book club story is on my, you know, to read list, so I'm definitely gonna give it a try. I think I love it. Kirky Mako's yeah, I will definitely take a give it a try. And you can also give the trusted series a try. It's a great series. Like, I love these books
vaibhav behl
@vaibhavbehl · 2:11


Okay, see, like to be honest secondly, see they have five pins in a blanket and stuff. But even though no doubt, but many papaya though it clearly I would say key you should treat who will cry when you die
Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 1:05
Yeah, even I personally prefer a hard copy of books. So yeah, I will definitely give it a reader per day. I refinish them, then I will give it a read. So what kind of cities do you like? What is your interest basically in movies or CDs, whatever you like. If I tell about me personally, recently I started watching mystery and criminal types of recently Indian predators. It next. So what kind of do you like?
vaibhav behl
@vaibhavbehl · 2:55
I don't want to say that, but I was really hurt and sit through that from your school life that you I'm absolutely hate. What was that one moment that you absolutely hate?