We change our personalities, we change our way of thinking. If it's not healthy for us, or if you really understand change, it will include positivity. Of course, some people take it in a negative way, but the people that does it for the positivity, you can see their life getting better. So according to me, we should change ourselves with time and situation and should not be rigid about something
Shweta Chaudhri
@Shwetachaudhri · 1:18


And I was so rigid about it now that my mother won't marry. And I cried at home and I asked my mom, and she was like, no, but I won't. But she said that. And now that I've grown up and I realized that was a bit selfish of me. And if my mother decides to do something and choose a partner for herself, I would be the first one to support her now. So that, for me, is a big change in myself
Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 0:33


So I have never, like I don't know, I've never experienced anything like the change I have done in myself in my life. But nothing you told me, I didn't think you're very strong person. Because even if I think that it is very like, it will be very tough for me. And maybe I will not be able to do what you are doing and thinking that you will support your mother. And I think it's a great thing