Man plans God laughs

So there's a cult saying man plans and God laughs can we predict our future? Do we know anything about our future? No we don't and that's how it's supposed to be. But people do not back off from trying to make plans for their future. We'll do this we have to own this much money to best our future we have to do this much work to get the best life. How do you know this future? Like what if it's the last day for you?
Kavya N
@KavyaNagarajan · 0:31
Yeah, I always follow. Just go with the flow. Right. As we hear most of us here about the god, man proposes, God disposes. But what is actually saying is that we plant something, maybe it goes wrong. So the god already know the plan is not right. So he will give us a better path. So always believe that if one door closes, another door will be open by the God. So be positive. Thank you for posting this
Bipasha Sehrawat
@bipashaa · 0:53
Hi Simran. So I feel people nowadays thinks about future a lot classical at least like planning things and I and I feel planning is really good but it limits the konasi. Like sometimes people plan literally a little things. I personally feel the ache limit of planning is really great but you have to focus on yourself and just let things go. That's what I personally feel
Simran Sehrawat
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I feel like there are so many things that we should just let to go. For me, I go the floor. It went really good. Or any time which I don't think about too much, which I don't want to make it perfect. Always goes the best actually. That is perfection. So my question for you is in between all that happiness, so does it happen with you? Because it does for me, for sure
Simran Sehrawat
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Hi, Cargo. So first of all, thank you for applying on my cell. And then you are definitely my type of person. Because I am definitely a person who believes in good. Because you know, for some people planning is just not right. Obviously some parts of life will have to a plan. Like you have to plan your future at some cost. But not all things. We can plans. God, we should plan at least. So I think you're my kind of person
Bipasha Sehrawat
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Yeah, exactly. I mean, I don't know cafe, but yeah, I just focus on my happiness. I'm having fun. I'm sitting with my friends, like, and drinks and having food. So for me, I feel there is nothing wrong in it. I mean, everyone has their own perspective, everyone has their own thinking or way of enjoying things. But for me, I personally think it's a plant. She's a mission, a new party
Simran Sehrawat
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If I'm making plans with her, I have to inform her at least ten days before she just gets panic if we tell, like, a day before, two days before, I totally understand. And we have so I understand them also. So friendships. My understanding regularly. That happens. But yeah. Thank you for coming on this. Great chatting with you, I guess