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Eat My Globe - Historical Food Fact

I thought each day I would come on Swell and maybe share an interesting food fact from history with you. And if you enjoy it, you can let me know. And then I'll come back and do some more. So right at the moment, I'm actually researching the history of military rations all the way going back to ancient Mesopotamia, right the way through history, through medieval period and the Crusades and all the way up to Montage, which is quite a big old task

Sharing an historical food fact everyday. If you like these do check out my food history podcast (www.eatmyglobe.com)

Sudha Varadarajan
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So given this, when the riders do this, I believe that actually potentially tells the horse that my master is not a kind man and potentially harms their loyalty to the master. That would be my concern and observation. And I wonder. I know that the Mongolians were terrific warriors and terrible warriors feared warriors, especially Genjiscan. And around the time of Genjiscan. So I wonder how they managed to keep their horses loyalty while they did this. But this is fascinating. Thank you for sharing
Deborah Pardes
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Blood sausage???

I love the idea of having a food fact and how generous of you. And I'll listen in for it. I have to say, the idea of drinking blood is so repulsive to me. My entire body just had a like a shock. I went into convulsion and I'm just wondering, to segue from blood from a horse. Do you ever make blood sausage, or is it something that you like, and is it really made of blood?
phil spade
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Amazing! Please keep them coming!

Wow Simon, that is interesting, intriguing and grotesque all at the same time. But I really enjoy the history of food. Years ago I read Salt and I'm blanking on the author's name right now, but just always fascinated with just the history of food seasoning and anything related to food and history, I think is just amazingly interesting. And for the very reason that you just mentioned it's, just what has been done in the past is just fascinating. I'm tuning in