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Eat My Gkobe - Food History Facts

You find these characters in history who end up doing quite a lot of really interesting things. So if you like that story and you want to hear more about that kind of thing, go and listen to Eatmyglobe on your favorite podcast provider or on www. Dot eatmyglobe. Com. We're in the middle of season five. Right now. We've got quite a few more episodes of this season to go, and I'm about halfway through writing season six, so I hope you enjoy it

Fun food history facts I come across while researching episodes of my food history podcast (www.eatmyglobe.com)

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And Simon, I just wanted to point out there's a misspelling in the title there that's G-K-O-B-E and if you can't see it, let me know because I have the same issue. I misspelled something, and I just literally couldn't see it. So maybe I'm going to make a recommendation that title screen just needs to be a little bit bigger so we can see it. Thank you, Simon