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What I am Cooking Tonight

Just with a big hunk of bread, I would have thought and a nice glass of cider to go with it since I've got some in the sauce. Yeah, that's a great one. I'd love to know what you guys are cooking

Chicken Thighs in Cider & Tarragon

Taylor J
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Question about cooking with cider!

I'm not talking about using, like, a pineapple cider, but I'm talking talking about maybe the dryness and how that might affect the dish. So I'm curious to know your thoughts. I have absolutely no idea
Michele Falk
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Alternate proteins with the sauce?

Hi, Simon. I was wondering how the sauce would work with a different type of protein and chicken. I have some black cod that my daughter brought over today, and I was thinking about trying the sauce you mentioned with that I let me know. Thanks
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Welcome to Swell!

Average Joe
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There was no cooking for us last night as we went out for sushi, but this dish sounds amazing that you're describing. So I'm really looking forward to when you put the recipe up because this is definitely something I'm going to to have to make. I got to give this one a try
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So I would try and go with that because I think if you go for the more sweet side as it tends to take over the dish in terms of the other proteins that you get. This works really, really well with fish and seafood, although you put the fish in right at the end rather than kind of braising it as you would with the chicken that needs to Cook for a little longer would work very well with black card would work very well with scallops, also works very well with other proteins