sidharth konkar
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Lockdown Hobby

Hey, guys. Today I wanted to talk about my lockdown hobby. You know, it's been two years of this pandemic, and I'm sure each and every one of us has coped with it in our own way, doing something other than, you know, just watching TV shows and sleeping in online classes. For me, the hobby that I just developed or rediscovered, you can say, in lockdown was chess. I played a lot of chess when I was young
trisha agrawal
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And also I made my own art page and shared my art content there, which motivated me to Jain even more and post stuff there. So I think really caught me to discover this side of mine and I'm so grateful for it
Mitansh Shah
@mitansh · 0:22
It seems Sidad, even I was very keen on chess in my younger days, but couldn't spend time to play it. Now. Sylvia Don was blessing in disguise to play chess online because not many in my family know how to pleach. So it was good to hear that even you share the same story
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Dominique Davis
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During Lockdown, I got more involved into cooking. I had always cooked, but it was just simple, basic stuff, nothing too special. But because of Lockdown, it encouraged me to Cook more and to try more things out. And I'm very, very happy that I decided to do that because eating takeout got owed very quickly and just learning how to Cook is something that will be able to stay with me forever and something that I will now be able to do for others as time goes forwards
07 Ananya Jain
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Yes, I agree with all of you. All. During Lockdown, I also got many hobbies. Like I started painting, I started playing guitar. And after Lockdown, I started horse riding. So I've also built up many interest in various other things, which totally don't relate to each other. But these all things were really fun
@Viraj_Modi · 0:11
I do agree with all of you that Lockdown was certainly helped us recognize our hobbies and interests we didn't know before. It provided us with a time where we could explore new things and find the things that are good for us
@Pushkar111 · 0:15
Hey Sidharth, that was a great topic. Even I picked up chess as my hobby in the last in this lockdown and I've been playing chess for quite a while, but in the last few months I've lost a chart so I don't know if I'm still good, but if you want to keep a match anytime soon, just let me know. Com