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Shubhra Jain

 · 12mo ago · 2:24
Atomic Habits

"…And I started doing other things. Also, I started working out. I saw YouTube videos, and I worked out for ten minutes. Those tests they do and all those AB workouts and all that. And I think now that I have a habit of doing it, it was a great way to start, like starting at a very slow pace. And I start increasing it little by little. And then it becomes a big whole thing. Like I started running for five minutes every day.…"


07 Ananya Jain

 · 12mo ago · 0:16

"…Yes. I totally agree with you because after lockdown it's been like super late three days for me. But like now I started to do, like little little things every day. So it gets me to work harder day by day. So I think it's really card.…"

Mitansh Shah

 · 12mo ago · 0:21

"…Yeah. Thanks. Hebrew. You brought this book to my notice. It would really help me where I need to embark some good habits and exclude some bad getting into my daily routine. From bad habits to daily routines. Please keep updated about new books which come to the market. I would really appreciate that. Thank you. Bye.…"

Aadit khajuria

 · 12mo ago · 0:15

"…Thank you Shubhra, for giving such amazing book recommendation. I will surely read it because I personally feel that I need this book to get back into the routine after the whole lockdown period. So thank you.…"


 · 12mo ago · 0:07

"…Hey, Chagra, really enjoy this. Well, I'm looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for giving such an amazing book recommendation.…"