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Shubhra Jain

 · 12mo ago · 1:25

"…Hello. So today I talk about, you know, like, my favorite season. I don't have a favorite season. People have their favorites. They like winters. We love winters. And and summer like, we love summer. Why do you love summer? Summer is like, sticky and all that sweat. And it's so f****** hot. And other than summer, I don't even like winter. Winter is way too chilly. And I hate cold.…"


Zara Lisbon

 · 12mo ago · 3:16

"…The temperature is nice and it's cozy when the leaves start falling, but I wish it could be a little less dark in the winter because then winter might be my favorite with Christmas and Hanukkah. And then my birthday is right there. So it's like a lot of celebration, but it's cold and it's dark. Even in Los Angeles, it's cold and Jain. It was just cool to hear someone who doesn't love the seasons.…"


Aadit khajuria

 · 12mo ago · 0:18

"…I totally agree with you. Like, sometimes those seasons are a bit too annoying, I would say. And I totally agree with you about the whole Monsoon thing. It's just pretty s*****. So Yeah.…"

Swell Team

 · now · 0:15