Shruti Khatri
@Shrutikhatriii · 3:14

Apps to Improve your Career!

So don't fear because I played the part of Sherlock and have brought to you some of the best apps that will help you in the most significant aspects of your life. The first app is Glassdoor. So Glass Door is one of the robust career community and it provides you with a key to open the doors to various job listings. The Glass Door facilitates you with a search of a respectable job for yourself rather than settling down on the one which is not worthy of your qualification


Vani Garg
@Vani · 0:15
Hi Shruti. Thank you for sharing this information. It really was very helpful and informative when I was looking to apply for an internship and I guess it would help me out. So thank you so much for sharing doing this
Abhishek Acharyya
@riataman_haryya · 0:07
Hi. Shruti. I found it very informative and yes, I hope that this will work out