Shruti Khatri
@Shrutikhatriii · 2:30

Should Ram Mandir be constructed or not?

Hey, guys, I hope you all are doing fine. So today I just wanted to talk about the Ramadhar controversy that is in limelight nowadays. So as you all know, that after such a long battle with the baby Maddie last year, the Ramadan case was finally in in favor Hindus. So the controversy that is being in limelight nowadays is that instead of constructing such a huge temple at that place, why not construct educational institutes or medical institutes?


Pradeep Malarvannan
@pradeepmalar · 1:39
That's what my complaint is about. And even if I remember correctly, there was a huge function started at a time where many people are dying out of Corona. And basically, the timing was really wrong. Other than that, I'm not against constructing ramundero over there. And to be honest, I personally wouldn't bother if it was supposed to be for Muslims. Either way, I would have supported it. But instead of support, I wouldn't be arranged