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Shruti Singh

 · 6mo ago · 2:13
Why must Afghanistan's female cover their Faces?

"…Hello everyone I hope you all are happy, healthy and safe and you know the recently I read that the Taliban on Saturday ordered of Khan women to cover their faces in public and to avoid legal leaving their homes in the latest restrictions they have imposed on women since taking part last year and it was written the decree issued by the Taliban Ministry for the propagation of virtue and the prevention of wise addresses how women should appear in public saying they must observe proper job and Islamic concept of modestity that applies to women's clothing whenever they are in public environment.…"

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Geetanjali Chaudhary

 · 6mo ago · 2:28

"…Closed male relatives such as a father, brother or husband. Ban on women dealing with male occupants. Ban on women being treated with male doctors. Ban on women studying at schools, universities or any other educational institution. And ban on use of cosmetics. Ban on women talking or shaking hats with non Mahara males. Ban on women laughing loudly. No stranger should hear a woman's voice. Ban on women wearing high heel shoes and which would produce sound while walking.…"


Shruti Singh

 · 6mo ago · 1:07

"…Hey, thank you so much for applying in here. And this is really so informative. Well, you know, the this announcement is the latest in a series of increasingly it's repressive policies targeting girls and women that the Taliban haven't impulse since they took control of Afghanistan. Also, you might have heard that teenage girls are not allowed to go to school. Most civil servants were barred from working.…"

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Swell Team

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