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Shruti Singh

 · 8mo ago · 2:04
❣Our Incomplete Chapters❣

"…Hello. Namastar everyone. How are you guys? I hope you're doing good. You know, lately I have been watching this series which is quite fascinating about two people being together. But see the cruelty date two ended with a heartbreaking separation and in the entire series a person often lose a lot of people he gets close to. Although I'm in the middle of the middle of watching it.…"

Is it okay to not end up with people we imagined our forever with?


Jeevanshi Gupta

 · 7mo ago · 1:57

"…I don't know whatever series you are watching or whatever movie you have seen before, even I have watched so many films, so many series that couples end up. That is very heartbreaking even. But it is okay. So they kind of will meet another person and they will kind of learn from each other something they would repeat the same mistake.…"


Shruti Singh

 · 7mo ago · 1:22

"…Hey Jim Angshi, thank you so much again for replying in here. And you know, I really love the way how wonderfully you just describe everything and how simply you to solify it. I don't know even if that is even a word or not, but you really have great wise. You have a very positive nature of perceiving things and that is what I'm just loving about you. Secondly, I would say nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary.…"