it's a serious issue, I need help.

I am so done with this belly fat thing because it took me one year to I was 60. When I was in high school. I was in 11th grade. I was 60 kilos, and I'm really short. Guys, I was 411. Now I'm five. Not much of a difference. I'm still short. But then I was 60 and I was like, a really fat kid. And now I'm like, 45. So, yeah, I was a fat kid

it's just that..

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Sorry about the bg sounds 😅

I think I saw somewhere on the internet that when you wake up from your bed, you just lie down on the bed and you bring your knees close to your chest and do it a few times. It's probably what older people who can't do intense exercise are recommended to do light exercises that you can do. I kind of hope that it wasn't too disturbing. Now I just listen to what I've been speaking and I've been walking and it just rained
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Hey there. This is the first time I'm seeing a swell from you. I'm going to make an entire swell related to this in regards to weight loss, because I am somebody who I would consider an expert in. I've done absolutely everything there is to do, and I know of ways to lose weight with exercise, with diet and separately. So if you're interested in getting diet tips and tips in general, I will be doing as well on this
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I would love that. Thank you so much for replying and I am looking forward to your spell on the topic and yeah, good luck