Which show/movie do you want your life to be like?

Like, if I had to be in something that doesn't exist in real life, then it had to be Harry Potter. Like, okay, I would love to be my life like Harry Potter. Not exactly like Harry Potter, but the Harvard stuff. Like, their students go to learn magic, and magic exists in real life, that kind of situation. Not that Baltimore dark stuff. Okay. I want my life to be very peaceful and realistic. Basically, that is not fictional

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Shashank Sehgal
@SSS135 · 0:50
Hi. So this is a really great question that you've asked. If it's a show, then I want to be like those people in Friends because that's my favorite show. So, yes, I want to act like one of those friends who just share still in the coffee shop. They talk endlessly and they are so understanding and great. And if we're talking about a movie, then it's going to be bank. Bank